National Guardianship Association, Inc.
National Guardianship Association, Inc.
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Your $250 Friend of Excellence contribution will sustain the National Guardianship Association’s efforts to promote excellence in guardianship through our educational programs. Support NGA because you are a member of the profession, or possibly a guardian has helped your family, or perhaps you truly believe in the cause for other reasons. Companies and organizations contribute because they serve the nation’s guardians, conservators and fiduciaries or have interests related to guardianship and surrogate decision-making. Each $250 donation does make a difference!

Your contribution of $250 helps cover costs for this year’s Conference, Colloquium, and webinars. Donations from Friends of Excellence benefit all those who participate in NGA training because every bit of additional income helps the association to keep registration fees at a level that allows more people to take part in great learning and networking experiences. By supporting NGA’s comprehensive and value-inspired education, you demonstrate to the guardianship community that you care.

To recognize your support, NGA will include your name or the company/organization name as part of the NGA Friends of Excellence list given to everyone at the current year’s Conference and Colloquium. The list will also be posted on the website for each of the events in the year of the donation.

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