National Guardianship Association, Inc.
National Guardianship Association, Inc.
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Your contribution in any amount will be designated by the National Guardianship Association for activities that support NGA’s leadership role on public policy issues and will help ensure that the association continues serving as a national voice in promoting good guardianship and good guardianship practices. Each donation does make a difference!

Your contribution helps make it possible for NGA to cover costs for ongoing advocacy efforts. As the need for guardianship services grows each year, NGA is positioned as the leading resource for information about guardianship and guardianship practice throughout the country. U.S. Senate hearings have highlighted issues, federal guardianship legislation has been proposed, states are enacting tighter regulations, and local courts are instituting innovative practices. While NGA welcomes the opportunity to encourage quality guardianship in new ways, keeping pace with rapid changes demands a greater commitment of the association’s resources. As an Advocacy donor, you help ensure NGA is able to educate policy makers, to ensure that public perception of guardianship is based in reality, to work with the media to tell our story, and to continue keeping the guardianship community abreast of opportunities and challenges as issues arise.

To recognize your support, NGA will include your name or the company/organization name as part of the Advocacy Donor list for the current calendar year. The list will be updated on the NGA website as donations are received.

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